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Bridges is a private speech-language pathology practice with a special focus on finding creative solutions to communication challenges. 

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Our Values

-Family involvement: Communication does not happen in a vacuum.  Your child/spouse/parent/family member will likely make some progress in one-on-one sessions, but will make immeasurably more progress if we work as a team to both identify and address communication barriers. 


-Transparency: As a team working together for your family member, we need to communicate openly.  I will be forthright about your family member’s prognosis, different treatment approaches, and what I know and don’t know.


-Evidence-based: I prioritize staying abreast of research developments in speech-language pathology.  I will keep you informed of the state of the evidence pertaining to your family member’s communication difference or disorder.


-Neurodiversity-affirming: Different brains function differently, and this is both normal and acceptable!  Neurological variations like those seen in autism, ADHD, and dyslexia require both acceptance and environmental accommodations.  


-Scope of competence: The field of speech-language pathology is broad and encompasses an array of disorders and differences.  I have specific skills and areas of expertise within the field, and I will not practice outside my scope of competence.  

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