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Brooklyn Bridge

Our Services

We do not currently accept insurance but plan to in the future; stay tuned!  Please inquire directly for private-pay rates.  An invoice will be provided should you wish to seek reimbursement for services through your health insurance plan. 


Special areas of expertise and interest: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)/Complex Communication Needs, Hearing Loss, Cued Speech, Aphasia, Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), Literacy, Phonological Delays & Disorders, Articulation Delays & Disorders, Receptive & Expressive Language Delays & Disorders.


Speech and Language Evaluations

Comprehensive Speech & Language Evaluations are completed for the purposes of establishing current levels of speech and language skills, determining a profile of strengths and areas of difficulty, and recommending goals and areas of focus for treatment sessions.  Evaluations typically take place over two to three sessions for a flat rate.  Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) evaluations are also available for clients already receiving services through Bridges.  A written report will be provided following evaluation sessions.


Teletherapy sessions are held via a secure video platform.  Teletherapy is considered an appropriate model of delivery for speech-language pathology services and some clients even prefer teletherapy to in-person sessions both for the convenience and the caregiver coaching aspect.  A hybrid approach (alternating in-person and telehealth) may also be provided upon request.

Home-based Therapy

Regular services are provided in your home to allow for carryover of skills and to incorporate speech and language strategies into the client’s natural environment in functional ways.  Areas served include Downtown Brooklyn, Fort Greene, Navy Yard, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill,  Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, and Lower Manhattan.


We offer a one-time free 30-minute phone or video consultation to answer your questions and determine whether Bridges might be a good fit for your family.  One-hour consultations are also available on an as-needed or as-requested basis if you are interested in infrequent sessions to receive materials, speech and language stimulation strategies, or for the purposes of progress monitoring. 


“All people with a disability of any extent or severity have a basic right to affect, through communication, the conditions of their existence.”  -Communication Bill of Rights, NJC

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